JANUARY – Becky LanhamBecky and Bruce
44/High School Teacher
How long have you participated in the sport? How did you get started?
I started running in the fall of ’08 as a way to speed my weight loss (anybody who knows me will tell you I’m not a patient person) and ran my first 5K in the spring of ’09. I ran about a gazillion 5ks during the rest of ’09. I ran my first half-marathon in the spring of ’10. I completed my first triathlon June ’11.
What is your favorite race?
Half-Marathon: Dallas RocknRoll, hands-down. Great course, great bands, great after-party.
TRIATHLON: Danskin. The all-female supportive, nurturing environment can’t be beat.
Running Shoe Brand?
Mizuno (Wave Creations)
Favorite Long Run/Race Nutrition?
For running, SportBeans (with caffeine) because you don’t need water to wash them down. For triathlons, Roctane (caffeinated Gu). I think the caffeine helps keep the fuzzy-headedness at bay towards the end.
Favorite Post-Race Food?
Food of the Mexican People of course.
Favorite Piece of Training Equipment/Gear?
I have an unhealthy love for data, so I would say my heart rate monitor. If I find myself slacking because I feel like I’m working at maximum capacity it only takes a peek at my heart rate to know exactly how hard I’m working.
Any advice for other athletes?
Two things. One: Build a good support system. Training for any event takes time. Training for endurance events takes a lot of time that would be hard to commit if people in your life are not supportive. I’m lucky that my husband Bruce is my biggest cheerleader, motivator, travel agent, chauffeur and bike mechanic. He’s the first one to tell me I can accomplish anything. And two, don’t skip the small workouts. It’s the small stuff that makes the big stuff possible.

Race History:
First 5k:
St. Mary’s Stampede in Longview
Dallas Rock n Roll
Tyler Half
Rock and Roll San Antonio
Cowtown Ft. Worth
Dallas Rock n Roll
Danskin Austin
Jefferson Heritage
Tri-Girl Houston
Tyler Rose
Trek Women Spicewood
Galveston 5i50 (Olympic)

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  1. That is my Fantastic partner, friend, wife and Super Mom. She is the BPE! “Best Person Ever” and Mine Forever. Thank you for the support you give to me especially to others, as they said in the 70’s and 80’s “you’ve come a long way baby” from your first run and I cried with you because you continue to make me prouder than I could ever be. LYMTYWELYFL

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